Tapped out burns casino

tapped out burns casino

Act 1 of the Burns ' Casino event started February 23rd, and will last till March 7th at 8am GMT. Act 3 of the Burns ' Casino event started March 17th, and lasted till March 29th at 8am GMT. The Burns ' Casino is a limited time building released on February 23, , as part of the Event ‎: ‎ Burns' Casino Event.

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Burns' Casino Event Getting a job at this casino was a great career move. Congratulations on purchasing the Refer-A-Friend Card! That's right, it's like a drunk But the casino never makes me feel bad about being there! At least you ain't a hillbilly. Burns building a money-losing casino? tapped out burns casino Make Apu Take Ganesha Gambling. Caesar's Pow-Wow Casino Tribal Chief. I may go to hell for gambling, but I will give my children a better life. Ain't nobody every said I was only as ugly as a pug. Tapped Out content updates. I'm a billionaire, not a self-glorifying moronic egomaniac. How is it diabolical? Viva Ned Flanders , Monty Can't Buy Me Love , We're on the Road to D'ohwhere , The Simpsons Movie. All of the new content released with the Event. The EPA has shut down the toxic waste dump at the edge of town. Make Princess Kashmir Entertain Gamblers. Homer, you gotta hire me for the casino -- it's the sweetest job there is. All Things The Simpsons Tapped Out for the Tapped Out Addict in All of Us. I finally found someone to marry me. Make Tuxedo Krusty Hit on Cocktail Waitresses. This article contains upcoming unreleased content s. Apu was about to tell me when he got shot. Although mostly I just like scouring old records. This must be a lounge for peacocks.

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